Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Stumpy Test 004

So I decided that I would make Stumpy jump without thinking too much about how to do it and testing anything out and just launched full pelt into the animating. I recorded a quick video of myself performing a spectacular leap into the air and used it as a rough guide. Now using Dragonframe this was super easy to add in and move around to sync it to where I wanted it to be in relation to my animated frames which came in handy twice during this shoot. In the image below you can see Dragonframe open with my line up layer and frames and the x-sheet on the right that I was using to put some frames onto 2’s as I shot this jump at 25 frames per second.

The rig was quite a pain during this test and as it’s just made from wire the knees and hips and anything that fancied it would just go off in all directions instead of just bending in a straight line. I was constantly pushing the knees back into position and making sure that the hips stayed in a relatively straight line as they went down into the anticipation position. Everything was going pretty smoothly until the actual jump and I suddenly realised that the rig I’ve got a) doesn’t fit into the wire rig so I just had to smush it into his flesh b) stumpy is waaayyy too heavy for the rig being full on plasticine c) needed tightening d) didn’t really stick to the metal sheet with just the magnets I’ve got so needed some blue tack as well. But after I fixed all of those problems mid shoot and then lined up Stumpy again the actual in air poses weren’t too difficult, I just had to over shoot the move as the rig would then sag and bend with the weight of stumpy when I let go.

During the descent I forgot what the right arm was up to and he goes a bit all over the place but generally it all went alright. Unfortunately as this test was shot over three days in small intervals last night I must have bumped into the camera in my sleep so the test had to be cut short he was going to finish up the arm movements that start towards the end in a gaining his balance again movement but at least the actual jump was finished so not all lost. The test is linked below, enjoy and let me know what you think

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