Monday, 3 March 2014

Professor Puzzle Stand

As you can see above the wooden walls that I designed and built successfully made it to Nuremberg Germany and my instructions were clear enough for the team that arrived with them to put them together and then stand them all up and get them into the desired shape. The fabric stretched over the wooden frames looked great and fitted excellently over the wooden design and overall it was an added bonus that they all stood up for the week and didn’t fall over and crush a puzzle fanatic. 

I worked for an extended weekend on the stand and helped take down all of the components and assisted with anything that the main team needed. I also got to walk around the worlds biggest toy fair and it is huge! Lego had a massive area and was launching all of its new toys for the awesome new Lego Movie. Was a fun mini business lego toy fair german beer trip for a couple of days weekend trip.

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