Wednesday, 30 November 2011

China Work Experience - “Back To The Sea”

Last year I was lucky enough to be accepted onto a work experience program with the Chinese animation company Glory & Dream working on a TV series spin off from their feature production “Back To The Sea.” It was an amazing experience living and working in China for a month; it also gave me an opportunity to use Photoshop a lot for painting which I had not done before. The first images are drawing taken from their characters to get the feel of the style and the second set of images are Photoshop work, that I did looking into different styles for the studio. We had a lot of contact time with the director and producers of the feature film and overall it was an amazing experience.


Thursday, 6 October 2011

"Not A Tree To Piss On" Pitch work!

Seeing as my film didn't get through thought I would post up the work I did for's a western set in the 1880's in the Australian Outback, heavily influenced by the Proposition and the Backwater Gospel:

Summer Work

Some artist study work that I did over the summer to help with my pitch work:

The Art Of Pixar Shorts:

The Art Of Bioshock:
The Art Of Up:

Monday, 9 May 2011

David W. Cutler

Whilst working in China on the exchange program for a month I did a lot of pre-production work for the animation company “Glory & Dreams” and had an amazing time working with them and visiting the sights in Nanjing and Beijing!!! Due to copyright I can’t post up anything that I did for the company yet, but I was told by the director Thom to look at “Home On The Range” (2004) Will Finn, John Sanford. Doing so brought to my attention the amazing backgrounds that they have in the film, not one of Disney’s best, so I looked up and found David W. Cutler who did Production Design & Art Direction for the film and did some studies from his work. Working in China was the first time I had used Photoshop to paint with and also the tablet, it took a bit of getting used to but I was really pleased with the way these images turned out and really started enjoying using Photoshop to paint with!

Pitch Work, Australia Photo's and Screenshots from "The Proposition"

With swapping the location of my short animation pitch from space to the Australian Outback I had to do some new research. The first images are scans from my parent’s photo albums, taken whilst they were travelling and also when we travelled round Oz for a year!

These next images are screenshots from the film that most inspired me to pitch my film "The Proposition" (2007) John Hillcoat

The Art Of Wall-E, Noah Klocek studies

Life Drawing Jan-May Update