Saturday, 4 January 2014

Time To Test

so post Christmas and my first weekend it was time to submit a Morph idea to the kickstarter campaign and put together everything I have been working on previously to make a nice stop-motion test! It did not go smoothly but it wasn’t all that bad!

As you can see above I have now got the set made up (this morning I drilled some holes into this one side, two for standing and a row for a walk sequence.) Got the webcam working into the Helium Frog software all nice and HD, the armature is all made and nice so was good to go!

I borrowed one of my housemate's arm lifting circles to

weigh down the tripod just in case it wanted to jump up and move about. Looking at the logistics of where the laptop was before as well I moved everything around to minimise contact with the camera and tripod area of the room! So everything was set up and I was 8 frames in when my laptop died and I had to take the base off and give it a good clean (pretty sure it is going to burn out soon) and then I was off.

Helium Frog is a very nice free program to animate with and I could use reference material in the program and sync it to a frame which is a very useful setting. The video playback isn’t that smooth and it was hard to flick between earlier frames and the current live frame but that just meant I had to go for it a bit more rather than keep checking back all the time. Overall the animation process went very well and was enjoyable (especially seeing as my laptop didn’t overheat 4 seconds in) and I’m pretty pleased with the result of the test below, check it out!

Stumpy damage after the animation, if I do anything major he is going to get torn to shreds!

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