Sunday, 17 November 2013

Making Stumpy

So I recently got paid and decided to spend a bit of money on some stop-motion supplies and make another armature and a set base and then make a whole bunch of animation tests! I bought pretty much everything I needed through going for the basic wire armature and then some newplast clay and a rig-it stop motion rig that I still need to figure out how to attach to the basic wire armature? Having made armatures before for Marionette and the wire armature coming with all of the pieces I found the process enjoyable and stress free. My old laptop shutting down during the time lapse photography I did through Helium Frog did my head in. I'm pretty happy with the final result as I'm mainly going to be using this puppet who got named Stumpy due to his lack of hands for tests and getting back into animating again after a quite large break! The set is still to be built as I need to get all of the supplies to my house so that can be the project for next weekend.

The start of the basic wire armature, I had to cut the wire to size to get the proportions right and then twist two pieces together and then screw into the holding positions. It was a very nice and easy armature to build

The final armature and then the milliput bones that I mixed together and sculpted onto the wire

Having not really ever used clay sculpting and messing about with it was quite a lot of fun! I would roll out the size I needed for a leg or arm and then slice it down the middle and sandwhich it onto the wire and then smooth it all down. The armature also came with some eyes that I drew on, the final outcome ended up looking like a morph/wallace/shaun farmer/mary & max mush. Click on the link below to watch the time-lapse

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